“I chose Ripley Crossing because I have friends that live here and have heard nothing but great things. I had previous therapy at another place and I was in there about 19 days with no progress. After being here for 8 days my progress in therapy is going so well that I am able to go home. I am highly impressed with the physical therapists. I have taken everything that they taught me to heart and it really means a lot to me of all the great care that I was given.”

– WS Walston

“I chose to come to Ripley Crossing for my therapy because I know that this is the best place and it is nice and clean. Your surrounding has a big part of how your recovery goes. I was able to go home in twelve days of being here. I am very happy with my whole experience from the quality of care, individual attention, and friendly staff.

I am also thankful that the facility provides transportation to my
appointments. That meant a lot because then I didn’t have to worry about my wife trying to take me. The therapist, doctors and staff work together and they know what the patient needs to get better. I am definitely leaving your facility in much better condition than I had entered. I would highly recommend Ripley Crossing to anyone”.

– Gordon Reynold Jr

“I had the option to go to another rehabilitation facility and chose to come here. The area that the facility is located in is good because it is more central in Southeastern Indiana. Because of its location, my sister was able to come here and visit with me more.

I have only heard great things about Ripley Crossing and now from personal experience I can agree and say they are all true. Everyone has taken good care of me and helped in my successful recovery. I highly recommend Ripley Crossing to anyone.”

– Charles Boyd

“I had a previous surgery and was at a different facility during my recovery. It was an awful experience there and I would never go back to that place again. I was happy to hear that Ripley Crossing was able to accept me for my Rehabilitation. I already knew about Ripley Crossing because two of my daughters previously worked here.

One of the many benefits to me being able to recover at Ripley Crossing is that it is close to home. The staff here is very kind and patient. I have received great care and guidance while being here. If I ever had to have another surgery I would want to come back here for my therapy. I highly recommend this place and I can see why it’s a Four star facility.”

– Kim Goodpaster